Top 4 trackers to keep tabs on your pet

Every pet owner is always worried about their pets going missing. Many cats or dogs go missing every hour and most of the time they are never reunited with their owners. Electronic chipping is getting popular so that you can report your pet missing and the authorities will find them. To know exactly where your pet is, you can use a pet tracker. The market is flooded with pet trackers now. Different type of tracker provides different features. Here are the top four trackers for your pet.


It is a lightweight device that is attached to the cat’s collar. There is a dedicated handset that lets you track your cat by flashing or beeping more frequently as the cat gets closer to you. The tracker uses Radio Frequency Identification to find out the position of your cat. The range is limited to 122 meters.


Pod 2

You can use mobile apps to locate pets on a map. Safe zones can be set up, and you will be alerted when your pet crosses the safe zone. This device can track your pet’s activity level, and it lets you see what they have been doing all day. This device uses Wi-Fi, GPS, and 2G mobile networks. It’s waterproof.



This device is designed for cats only. It used GPS for tracking your cat outside and Wi-Fi when the cat is at home. Using this tracker, you will be able to see the record of your cat’s travels for the past 30 days.



It is appropriate for large dogs or cats. It uses GPS along with mobile network backup to locate your pet. You can find your pet using iOS, Android, or Windows Phone apps. The tracker can be clipped to the pet’s collar. It is waterproof and shockproof.


All these technologies help to keep your pet safe and reduce the chances of getting lost. These devices can be very useful for the pet owners.

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