Pet Events

Every year, different kinds of pet events are organized so that pet lovers can learn how to take care of their pets. These events are meeting place for pet product companies, pet experts and pet lovers where they can share knowledge, know about the latest pet products in the market and learn practical lessons on how to take care of their pets. These are the events we are looking forward to this year.

Dog Fest


Date: 25 June – 26 June 2016

There will be thousands of dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors. It is a fun-filled event for your dog. There will be agility display, dog dancing, and dog diving too! There will be dog grooming demonstrations also.

Where: Windsor, UK

Website: Dog Fest

Pet Sitter World Educational Conference & Expo


Date: 12 September – 15 September 2016

This conference is being held since 1994. Here, there will be discussions on how to make your pet-sitting business stand out from the rest of the crowd. You will be able to share knowledge and tips on how to provide the best service to pet owners.

Where: San Diego, CA

Website: Pet Sitter World

International Pet Conference


Date: 11 October – 12 October 2016

It is a conference for companies who are in the pet product business. There will be discussions from keynote speakers on the pet market in Europe, the effect of e-commerce on the pet retail industry, new products and services available for pets, etc. There will be a one-to-one session to answer your queries and a gala dinner for networking with other companies.

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Website: International Pet Conference

6th Annual Atlanta Pet Expo


Date: 12 November – 13 November 2016

It this event, there will be tons of exhibitors, pet rescue groups, discounted vaccination services, obedience demonstration, etc. You will learn about pet care, grooming, pet behavior, and many fun facts about the pet.

Where: Georgia, Atlanta

Website: Atlanta Pet Expo

If you want to take part in these events, book your ticket early. The tickets are limited, and most events usually get sold out one month before the actual event. So, hurry!